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Excitement and hope pervaded the atmosphere of Agodi prisons, Ibadan, on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 as EXPAR launched its creative arts project for long term and life inmates.


The inmates were schooled on the values and benefits of the programme and encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to express themselves via arts.


Mrs. Morofanyo Omokemi, the Assistant Controller of Prisons lauded the initiative. “We have had several vocational programs within these walls to better the lot of prisoners but this is something entirely different not just because its value is on the high side but also because of its uniqueness.” She said.


Omokemi concluded by saying “We hope you will all recognize the privilege of having someone train you in the art of drawing and painting. I hope you will not put me to shame by taking it for granted”.


Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Nweze of Paddy Arts Institute enlightened the inmates on the ramified opportunities of arts, and its shared contribution to a better psychological state. He elaborated on the origin of arts and God being the first artist.


“As children of God made in the likeness of God, everyone have a unique deposit of creativity in him/her, and looking around us we can find this evidence, the chair we sit on, the tables, the buildings, the cloths we wear, and the cars we drive are all expressions of art. As much as this arts and creativity is in us, we need to train ourselves in other to master the skills required to be a great artist.” Said Mr. Patrick


Mr. Patrick Nweze promised to be patient and take as much time as necessary to ensure that those that showed interest in the program gets the best training.


Also in attendance were officials of the Agodi prisons including; Assistant Controller of Prisons (Welfare), Mrs. Adebukola Ajilete, Assistant Superintendent of prison (1), Mr. Damarola John, Mr. Yomi Fadare (Fad), an ICT trainer with the prison, and Mr. Olaris Disri of Leris Gallery.


36 inmates showed interest in the EXPAR Program which was more than the expected response but was described as a welcome development by the project director, Charles Adetola.

Adetola said the program was designed to check the psychological effects of long term and life imprisonment. He further stated his resolve to make it a national project and his dedication to the well-being of prisoners in Nigeria.

“The only thing that can’t be imprisoned is the mind, and its creativity should be expressed effectively. This will not only help prisoners mentally but also play a correctional role which is the ultimate goal of the prison system” he said.


The training will commence on the 20th of June, 2018 and is expected to last for 5 months or more after which other state would be co-opted into the project.