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The training started around 10:30 AM due to delay from the entry point. We met few of the inmates when we got in, we started training after which others joined us as we progress.

We totaled a number of 17 at the end of the training session.

The lesson started with the inmate’s submission of their assignment from the previous class after which Mr. Charles Adetola who was in charge of the training gave them class assessment asking them to draw whatever was on their mind.

He explained further that the assessment is a form of mental art, Psychologists use this tool to decipher what is on an artist mind at the time when he does an artwork.

“Imagination is a very useful tool when drawing and can be used to bring the unimaginable to life through drawing and painting”

In between the assessment, Mr. Charles Adetola supervised the inmates and corrected them on some of their lapses,  after which they submitted the assessment and were given the assignment to be submitted on the next training session.

The inmates expressed gratitude for how they enjoyed the class and are looking forward to the next week training session.

The training came to an end at 12:00 pm with prayer by one of the inmates (Name Withheld).