AGODI PRISON UPDATE – September 19, 2018

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The training started at 11:30 am due to delays at the prison gates even though we got there as early as 9:30 am, most of inmates were already engrossed in other activities and were unable to attend the training which left the total number of inmates in attendance to 12.

Miss Grace, an EXPAR team member coordinated the training, after reviewing the previous assignments on shading given to the inmates she noticed there is still need for improvement in this area and suggested doing a revision on this topic in which all team members were in agreement due to the inmates unsatisfactory performance in the previous assignments.

She started the class with basic shape shading, taking note of where to shade and also taking note of the light and dark areas. The first principle of shading is starting lightly and gradually applying till you achieve desired result, if this principle is applied; achieving the desired result is not far-fetched. She also highlighted the five types of shading and applied them, after which the inmates were given assessment on shading, while Mr. Charles Adetola and Mr. Opeyemi (EXPAR team members) supervised- looking out for mistakes and correcting them.

Miss Grace drew a portrait of one of the inmates and demonstrated hatching shading, showing them practical experience of how these shadings could be applied to practical drawings.

Towards the end of the training session, Mrs. Adebukola Ajilete, the Assistant Controller of Prisons (Welfare) visited us. She reviewed some of the inmates’ previous art works and gave accolades to some high performers.

The training came to an end at 1:05 pm.