AGODI PRISON UPDATE – October 10, 2018

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The training started around 11:06 am with the facilitator being Mr. Okesola Micheal.

He examined the progress and works of the inmates and after a discussion with Mr. Charles Adetola and Mr. Sunday Odekunle, the decision to split the inmates into two groups was made. This is to ensure an organized flow of learning as some inmates are already ready to proceed to the next phase of the training while some still need more time to practice and horn their skills before they can proceed.

Mr. Michael focused on portrait drawing, he emphasized the importance of measurement in order to achieve perfect resemblance.

At the end of the session, the inmates were given a task to be submitted on the date of the next training session, the task will be determinant for promotion, it will determine the set of students that will proceed to the next phase of the training.

The total number of inmates in attendance was 11.
Total Number of EXPAR representatives was 5.