AGODI PRISON UPDATE – 17 October 2018

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EXPAR project


The training started with the submission of assignment from the previous class at about 10:15 AM.

Mr. Yinka one of EXPAR members, whose birthday happens to be 17th of October also, lectured them on the importance of practicing not only during training but also during their free time. He also encouraged some of the inmates that seemed to be lagging behind not to limit their thinking on what they can do, all they need to do is invest more time in practicing and also believe in themselves, only then would they be able to achieve perfection at whatever they do.

After assessing the assignment Mr. Charles Adetola split the inmates into two groups, he explained that the pace at which they improve differs and instead of slowing down the learning pace of those that improve at a faster pace, they would be taught in two separate groups.

Mr. Yinka Afolabi celebrated his birthday with the inmates by gifting them clothes, foodstuff, and bottled soft drinks, the inmates appreciated the kind gesture by singing a birthday song, they also acted a short drama and presented him with a hand fan made from sack and wool which is commonly used in the prison.

Miss. Omolola, a radio presenter at Splash FM and one of EXPAR Visitors advised the inmates on keeping a diary about their day-to-day life in prison because irrespective of what they might have termed normal, it isn’t normal to the people in the outside world. Several prominent people like Mandela kept a diary throughout their life which later got published; their story can be similar to his only if they are able to put their day-to-day life in writing.

Mr. Charles Adetola gave the groups assignments to be submitted in the next class and ended the training for the day.


Report By: Ahmed Sanni